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HIPAA Security Risk Asessments

Digital Forensics, Data Recovery, Ransomware




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HIPAA Security Risk Assessments, Digital Forensics, Data Recovery, Ransomware


HIPAA Security Risk Assessments

Meaningful Use & MACRA


Digital Forensics

Data Recovery

Are you protecting your patient's data? 

HIPAA Security Risk Assessments, Digital Forensics, Data Recovery, Ransomware

Why should Healthcare Organizations Worry about Cybersecurity?

A successful cyber attack could significantly impact your business, including a loss of patient trust, violations of HIPAA and HITECH, government lawsuits and criminal prosecution.

HIPAA, Meaningful Use, MACRA and Cyber Security Requirement
HIPAA requires covered entities (healthcare providers, insurance companies, etc., ) and business associates (external billing, IT, EHR vendors, etc.,) to take reasonable measures to protect patient health information (PHI).  Primarily, a Security Risk Assessment (SRA) must be conducted.

The passage of MACRA will make major changes to existing payment programs.  MACRA requires quality reporting and a Security Risk Assessment to be considered participating in the program.

A common theme in all of the programs involving patient data is possession of formal documentation that supports a SRA which typically can't be done with a checklist.

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Ransomware and Digital Forensics
The healthcare industry is involved in a raging cyberwar and it's losing.  Nation-states, organized crime, and group and individual cyber criminals are aligned against what it sees as a soft target.  It 's data is more valuable than stolen credit card numbers and the enemy's weapon of choice is ransomware!

Ransomware is a serious event that may causes cessation of healthcare operations because providers are not able to access patient healthcare information.  Also it is tied with extortion demands and a ransomware infection may require reporting to HHS.

The HHS has ruled that ransomware attacks are reportable data breaches unless it is established that there is a low probability of compromise. The only way this can be determined is thru digital forensics!

Digital Forensics Report

The healthcare organization must have digital forensics documentation to support the extent of the ransomware attack.  This documentation is crucial in determining if you have to report this attack to the state attorney general, local news media, patients, federal law enforcement and the Health and Human Services as a data breach.

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