Robert Campbell is the CEO of Med Cyber Security, a consulting firm that performs security and penetration testing for healthcare organizations and other businesses.  He is an expert on security, encryption, networking, and Internet technologies.  Robert received his Master in Computer Science with a concentration in software engineering and space systems engineering from the elite Naval Post Graduate School.  He is a healthcare certified information technologist.  Additionally, he holds the following degrees and certifications: Bachelor’s Degree in Electronic Engineering Technology, and Space Systems Engineering Professional Code accreditation.  He is a former Naval Cryptologist, with over 30 years of experience in the Department of Defense and the Intelligence Community.

Robert formed Med Cyber Security to use his skills and expertise to empower physicians, healthcare organizations and practitioners to protect patient’s data and their own practices.  In this age of ever increasing regulations it is difficult for organizations to be aware of the permutations and consequences.  

Allow Med Cyber Security to partner with you to help keep you compliant with HIPPA/HITECH requirements and you can concentrate on your taking care of your patients and clients.


Med Cyber-Security

HIPAA Security Risk Asessments

Digital Forensics, Data Recovery, Ransomware


Med Cyber-Security, LLC 

HIPAA Security Risk Assessments, Digital Forensics, Data Recovery, Ransomware